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   How to Purchase stainless steel seamless pipes and tubes from China

There are several quality ranks of Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes and Pipes in China.

The purchaser may always focus on the price, but you may choose the worst one. Then you will feel disappointed with the quality of china products, you decide never purchase from china again. But why not choose the best one?

The quality of stainless steel seamless pipes and tubes are determine by there raw material-stainless steel round bar.
The best quality stainless steel round bar manufacturer in china are BAOSTEEL, YONGXING in southern, TISCO in the northern.

Most of the worst quality manufacturers of stainless steel bar are in Wenzhou, Zhejiang; Xinghua and Shanghai. You may surprise, but it is true. Many of the stainless steel seamless tube manufacturers in Shanghai are migrate from Wenzhou, Zhejiang. The stainless steel of them from Scrap and waste, and there Smelting technology and equipment of therm are very low and backward too. The stainless steels of them have a poor performance in the Corrosion Resistant and high termperature resistant, the mechanical property and physical property show bad too,and here are much higher percent of impurities in there stainless steel than the stainless steel from BAOSTEEL and YONGXING, TISCO.

Why there surface shows so beautiful?

As we refer, the raw material of them have bad mechanical property and physical property. There will be many defect on the inside and outside surface of stainless steel tubes. They choose “Sandblast” to cover the defect place. So there stainless steel tubes show very beautiful.

As you know even the best quality stainless steel in china, it is sure not as good as SANDVIK or OUTOKUMPU, and the price of china stainless steel seamless pipe tube are already very low.As a manufacturer of stainless steel seamless tubes and pipes in china, we suggest you choose the best quality stainless steel seamless pipe supplier, which purchase stainless steel from BAOSTEEL and YONGXING SPECIAL STEEL,TISCO.It is truely low price high quality.

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